Saturday, March 21, 2009

Rebuilding My Walls

Tonight, well not tonight, but early this a.m., I was up praying and went to the Book in the Bible, Nehemiah. Nehemiah focuses on rebuilding the torn down wall around the city of Jerusalem.

During life, I've found there are times that my walls have been torn down and are lying in ruin either through neglect, circumstances beyond my control, my own disobedience to what I know to be true or ignorance, and lack of proper care of my temple (my body and spirit), and other forces. I always love going back to the Book of Nehemiah - there are great instructions for the rebuilding.

This morning, I found Nehemiah speaking to me of the value of:

1. Having a vision
2. Asking for a "go ahead" to begin the vision
3. The vision may - and, most probably will involve many more people than yourself.
4. The value of perseverance, even when others are trying to get you off track - and they will.
5. The importance of family from generation to generation.
6. The importance of purpose, the calling on one's life. (It was interesting to note that the calling to complete a purpose often ran in families.)
7. When the word of God was read AND comprehended, the people began to weep and wanted to live as they should.
8. The people remembered their history, mistakes and all.
9. Mistakes begin in disobedience.
10. God is orderly and organized and wants us to be the same.
11. God wants the Levites (the priests, the pastors, the holy leaders of the people) to cleanse themselves and to stay clean.
12. Though sin (how we shouldn't live and be) may be all around us, we should separate from it and not live with it nor make friends with it.


The Griper said...

he smiles
you might add patience in regards to overcoming the trials that come into our lives

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