Saturday, April 21, 2012


Just in case someone lands here, I have to say, many many months since this blog has been last posted, that my spiritual life has seen many ups and downs, but mostly ups.  I'm back to feeling I walk with God hand in hand almost daily - and when I intentionally leave Him behind, its ok, He's still there looking over me.  It's a good feeling.  Am even learning to trust Him more with my family and those I pray for.  It's been an adventure.  Perhaps I should share my journal here in the future.

The painting above is in oils and is four feet tall - depicting a barren branch - I'm not sure exactly why, there is a scripture about the vine and branches - I guess I should look it up.  Then I have a friend - we both are sort of "seers" and see visions (ok, yep, I sound nuts - but some will understand) and dream dreams, and have "knowings" - she is the eagle and I am the raven.  I'm not sure what all the entire painting means, and perhaps it shall evolve and sprout some vines before its all over with.  I have another canvas the same size and I am waiting on the "knowing" of what should go on it - I think a triptych would be just the thing!