Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Going to Meet the King

A study question. How does God see us, me? The answer I received was that He sees me as His Princess. I pouted - I would rather be seen as His Queen, after all I am mature so to speak in the Lord, am I not?

I reached for Grandson's children's dictionary and found that the definition for Princess is...the daughter of a King and a noble woman of high rank. Well, that I am, and impressed that because I'm his daughter, I am his princess. Does that dream ever die in girls, that desire to be Daddy's princess?

But, like a little girl standing in her mother's dress pretending she is a Queen, peering at her mother and her father's relationship, deeper and different than that of a princess, she begins to understand the difference. She is too small for the Queen's dress, in fact it will only fit her when she matures.

I turn back to the dictionary: Queen is defined as a ruler from a royal family who rules a country, the wife of a this the maturity I, as His princess, work toward? Doesn't the Word say that the King is coming, and coming for His bride? I am eager. But I am not in bridal finery yet.

He smiles and He's telling me to be patient, he's smiling gently. He's willing to wait for me! How precious is that? He's not pulling, pushing, or manipulating and He does more than wait. Like Esther called to the King's palace, my Beloved is drawing me to His secret place where He prepares me, washes me, anoints me, smooths my hair, and sings songs of love to me. Awesome! The King himself prepares me to be his Queen. I suddenly think I am too poor, I come with no dowry! Looking into His eyes, I see my dowry - that of the Lord Jesus Christ's priceless blood.

What does he want of me? He wants my love, my adoration, He wants me to treat others as He treats me as I make the journey to be His bride. Like Esther, I will be pampered, but I will be strong, and I will be able to do what He's called me to do when I rule with Him.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Red Sea

Well, I've been to the mountaintop, but now..........fighting a plunge into depression. Our sermon today was about dumping the negative thinking. This has been in my mind for days - I quit watching news as of today - trying to rise above the very negative comments from the world out there and also that come out of the mouths of my family members. I feel like I am in an incredible battle since coming home from church. Sheesh! I guess Pastor said there would be one - but he also said, "Don't do it!" Oh, I'm trying - help, help, help, Lord!

It's not helping that the anniversary of my son's death, and his birthday a week earlier are rapidly coming up. Because of the Song of Solomon, I know, I just know, he is so much happier now, but it still hurts. When I thought I might die a few months back, it hit me right square in the face - there are a lot of people I know up in heaven! It won't be like moving to a strange town. Will we still have these battles up there? In heaven? I think we might - I think about the verse where the onlookers from heaven are looking down and the earth and asking God how long He is going to allow what is going on - they are concerned.

Enough thinking, back to the battle front.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Song of Solomon

Oh, my! I have started a study with Mamma Hug's group.

It is all about my last question: Who am I to God?

Well - I'm His princess, soon to be his bride. What an exciting adventure we are on in the group. I am relaxing more as I study and sit and listen to what God is saying to me. He's saying "Come away my love...." He's inviting me to go on a romantic, adventurous journey - this is WAY better than Fabio - this new guy (GOD) in my life - he is a King! He is wealthy - He owns the universe and all that is in it. He's generous, he's never mad at me, He is patient....and most of all He loves me madly.

Amazing, one-half of my physical pain is gone! Remember how sometimes we didn't feel good, but we would have a date with a special guy and then we felt much better....or is it the presence of this new Lover of me that heals me..........? How many times as women have we sought after a man, just sure that the glow we were feeling would last forever, that this guy was the answer to our problems.....well, too many times years ago for me, only to be let down heart had given up on - He comes! Love comes for me!

More later!